Activity 5

Activity 5: Organizing a traveling attraction - "Folklore ethno-workshop", presenting the folk arts and crafts of the descendants of the Norwegian Vikings and ethnic groups from Bulgaria.


Description: The overall organization of the traveling attraction "Folklore Ethno-Workshop" will be carried out by the Candidate NGO "Bio-B-Eco". The individual events and their preparation in the target areas, such as responsibilities and implementation, will be shared among all members of the partner consortium. Stakeholders / participants in the process of preservation and socialization of local cultural heritage / in each of the target areas will have the opportunity to adapt, according to their specific activities, created within the project digital techniques for cultural animation.

Through these innovative tools, they will prepare and participate in the relevant local spectacle of the traveling attraction. NGO "Bio-B-Eco" will participate in the transfer of innovative cultural practices and instruments in the Rose Valley, the administration of the municipality "Rodopi" will implement these activities in the Thracian-Rhodope collar, Association "Bartina" will be responsible for the implementation of activities in the territory of the High Western Rhodopes and the leading partner of the NGO "Bio-B-Eco" will control and apply Norwegian innovative methods and techniques for presenting the cultural heritage in the resort areas - south of Bourgas.

Common to the listed territories is the presence of rich intangible cultural heritage and its relatively low popularity. The preparation and organization of new forms of presentation of local cultural and historical values will contribute to improving access to local cultural resources and increase the socio-economic benefits for local communities.

In these relatively less developed territories, several innovative approaches will be applied - building a qualitatively new, expressive and artistic architecture of the performances. Impressive local architectural monuments will be experimentally included in each of the target areas, which will be arranged as a stage of the show. The multimedia presentation of historical values, through audio and video presentations, will reveal their cultural value in the respective historical context.

This idea will be realized on a large video wall at the bottom of the stage. In front of the stage will be a center with demonstrations of local crafts, as well as culinary arts. These several art centers will be combined with cultural dialogues - with specialists in management, preservation and socialization of historical artifacts in the area.

The performances of the traveling attraction are focused on creating a new existence of the intangible cultural heritage. Through this approach we expect a kind of creative renaissance of cultural artifacts and their modern interpretation, along with upgrading new, innovative technologies. The multimedia character is the basis of the overall architecture of the performance, expressed in an effective combination of means of expression and expressive effects.

In addition to the traditional stage, where cultural dialogues are held - related to the riches of the local cultural heritage, a large video wall visualizes the local folk and dance art. Video films presenting the cultural heritage of Norway and Bulgaria are shown. In the demonstration workshops, master craftsmen will demonstrate their skills for the production of unique household items and artistic creativity - characteristic of the respective target area. During the demonstrations of culinary mastery, the gastronomic art related to the typical culinary traditions in the target territories and the area of the Norwegian fjords will be shown.

In this natural environment, saturated with cultural and historical suggestions, all the richness of the local cultural heritage will be demonstrated. This is an experiment for the transformation of elements of the urban environment and the areas around the settlements, related to the cultural and historical past in a kind of stage of demonstration performances.